The parish needed to make some maintenance repairs to the existing church such as a new carpet, painting, fixing some plumbing problems. After they collected money for the project they thought they could make some minor changes to the worship space which was in great need of upgrading. The church had windows with glass panes that were red, green and yellow which did not add to the beauty of the space. The altar area was very small and the Blessed Sacrament was located a few feet from the altar. There was a portable baptismal font that was brought out for baptisms and put away afterwards. The existing bathrooms needed upgrading and the space was not accessible for those with disabilities.

The renovation project brought the altar area out closer to the assembly and thus enlarged the sanctuary area. The Blessed Sacrament was moved to a side niche and the entire sanctuary was brightened with new lighting. The carpet was removed and a hardwood floor was put in. The main aisle is tiled and goes into the sanctuary. An immersion font was put in the entry to the church. Because the space is small, the place for adult immersions is covered when not in use, The windows were replaced with a soft tinted glass that sets off the original stained glass clerestory windows above. The existing altar was cut down in size and redesigned. A new ambo and Presider's chair were designed to match the altar.